The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler is running

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler is running a poetry contest, inspired by a pathetic bit of antiwar doggerel by Britain’s poet laureate. He (the poet, that is) has been topped, mocked, ridiculed and eviscerated by bloggers, starting with Tim Blair. This inspired me to pen my own bit of doggerel; I didn’t have the Rottweiler exemplar before me so my effort doesn’t conform to the rhyme or meter scheme, or whatever it is that poems have. Anywhere, here it is. Be warned in advance, it’s really bad. In fact, I hereby authorize Deacon and the Trunk to delete it if they think it will drive away readers. Here goes:
For eight long years we had President Bill
Whose interest in terror was less than nil.
Al Qaeda bombed with wild abandon,
But Bill was happy because he had one–
An intern, that is, named Monica
Who played Bill like a harmonica,
But so did Kim, Saddam and Osama,
The turban-headed jihad-bomber.
Now the mess is George’s to straighten;
The terrorists he is checkmatin’
No thanks to the feckless Democrats
Or our State Department bureaucrats.
So for George W. let’s all cheer–
He’s the hero of the blogosphere!
It occurs to me that if it had a little country music to go with it, it wouldn’t be so bad.


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