Tim Blair does a wonderful

Tim Blair does a wonderful job of collecting the blogosphere’s rejoinders to England’s execrable poet laureate. In order to join the fun, let’s first review the poet laureate’s now-infamous quatrain:
CAUSA BELLI by Andrew Motion
They read good books, and quote, but never learn
a language other than the scream of rocket-burn.
Our straighter talk is drowned but ironclad:
elections, money, empire, oil and Dad.
Now let me paste in a selection of the rejoinders Blair has posted and encourage you to spend the time necessary to appreciate all the masterpieces collected on his site:
COURSES YUMMY by Will Warren
They knead, good cooks, and gloat, but never burn
a flan or other creamy dish: that, you can be sure, they learn.
Our waiter’s walk is far from straight: like Dad
he’s soused, but brings my salad: oil, well clad.
POOR ENGLAND by Nelson Ascher
To have as poet laureate Andrew Motion
whose business is not verse, but self-promotion,
seems bad enough, but then it’s more appallin’
to think he’ll be succeeded by Tom Paulin.
COSI FAN BELTI by Adelard Moonbat
Where do they get this verse of rocket-rage,
Which Guardian finds worthy of its page?
Mayhap, its bien-pensants still crave his sound,
But that Motion lad’s a knothead, I’ll be bound.
They whinge and scream but never suggest
How else might power from Saddam might be wrest;
Pampered pacifists have never heard
That keeping the peace takes more than words.
And let us conclude with this observation: “Mooshu’s Latin stinks. The Latin phrase in international law is ‘casus belli’ (case or event of war) and not ‘causa belli’ (cause of war). Masefield or Tennyson wouldn’t have made that mistake, and neither would more competent newspaper editors (but it’s the Guardian, after all).”


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