Greg Brown is a prolific

Greg Brown is a prolific singer/songwriter in the urban folk mold. He is based in Iowa, but in 1980 founded a record label based in St. Paul on which to record and market his music. Although his singing is definitely an acquired taste, the songs are deep in the American vein and generally good. It is a bit easier to hear their beauty when they are interpreted and performed by some of the admiring female performers such as Shawn Colvin who have tried to popularize his work.
St. Paul’s own Bob Feldman has carried on Brown’s label (Red House Records) as a labor of love, signing his favorite artists to the label while it continues to serve as an outlet for Brown’s work. Red House has just released a tribute album to Brown entitled “Going Driftless” featuring a fabulous roster of female performers singing Brown’s songs. You can sample the entire album via the Red House Web site.
Today’s New York Times carries a terrific profile of Brown by Peter Applebome: “Tucked away in a corner of country.”


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