More on Lomborg: Here is

More on Lomborg: Here is a link to Lomborg’s brief comment on the decision of the Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty, along with other relevant materials, including the text of the Committee’s decision itself. I find it deeply ironic that the Working Party of the Committee that carried out the ritual denunciation of Lomborg, whose report identified no errors in Lomborg’s book and premised its criticism on his purported failure to follow proper scientific procedures, contained, at best, a single scientist. Its five members were a physician, a professor of philosophy, a lawyer, a professor of political science and a professor of agronomy.
This whole episode represents a new low in the politicization of science. Unfortunately, it also illustrates the effectiveness of the left’s systematic takeover of the institutions of the West–universities, newspapers, non-profits, newspapers, etc. Millions of people will read a headline reporting that Lomborg has been discredited, or an ill-informed article like the one in the Star Tribune. Only a handful will read the real story.


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