This superb article, Confessions of

This superb article, Confessions of a Law School Admissions Officer, is from the Indianapolis Star and was posted on FrontPage Magazine. The author, who served for four years on the University of Indiana Law School admissions committee, reminds us how important it is for the Administration to intervene on the side of fairness and justice in the University of Michigan case:
“A policy however well-meaning in the abstract can feel foul to those given the job of implementing it. And in my four years on the admissions committee, routinely leapfrogging minority applicants over so many dramatically more qualified non-minority applicants, foul is how our affirmative action policy came to feel. Seeing the photographs and reading the record and personal statements of non-minority applicants whom we rejected in order to admit the far less qualified left me feeling as though I should wash. Eventually, I could not acquiesce in this policy any longer.”
We, as a nation, should not acquiesce in race discrimination by government entities any longer.


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