Rocket Man, I have only

Rocket Man, I have only daydreamed about “Michelle Malkin nude.” Unlike Pete Townsend, I have never “done research” to satisfy my curiosity.
D.J. Tice of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has a terrific column this morning on the dust-up created by the “Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty” and its Star Chamber verdict condemning Bjorn Lomborg. The column takes a fair-minded look at what appears to be a mugging: “Attacks on environmental skeptic raise a few questions.”
Our friends at RealClearPolitics have included D.J.’s column among an impressive roster of columns out this morning. It’s hard to choose among the rest of the columns; they are virtually all worth reading. Not to be missed are Hugh Hewitt’s “North Korea: A fumbled framework” and Michael Kelly’s “Oust Saddam? It’ll take an army, not a Blix.”
The folks at RCP also have posted columns by Thomas Friedman and John Le Carre. Friedman has to be one of the worst foreign affairs columnists ever (although he has a lot of competition, some of it from within the Times itself) and his column this morning seems to me to offer a classic example of his deep flaws. Le Carre’s column–“The United State of America has gone mad”–offers a classic example of the European hatred of America, resulting in symptoms remarkably like Friedman’s: an inability to observe facts with your own eyes. In Le Carre’s case, the symptoms appear to have escalated to hysterical blindness.


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