Some of you may have

Some of you may have read about the bizarre article in the Boston Globe which suggested that had she lived, Mary Jo Kopechne would really have appreciated Ted Kennedy’s efforts on behalf of the elderly. Mark Steyn is at his best as he relates this particular obtuseness to the broader phenomenon of liberalism’s callousness toward actual people, as opposed to the hypothetical mass of mankind:
“If we right-wing madmen do indeed spend every waking minute dreaming up ways to kill as many children as possible, we’re not very good at it. By contrast, the left does a wonderful job of sacrificing the little people in the name of its own corporate interests. In America, generations of black children have drowned in the swamp of inner-city public schools because the Democratic Party subordinates their interests to those of the teachers’ unions. Overseas, the hypothetical body-count of an Anglo-American war with Iraq exercises Bill Blaikie far more than the actual slaughter Saddam has already visited on his people. But then one of the curious qualities of the ideological left is its increasing imperviousness to reality.”


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