Damn, I was thinking that

Damn, I was thinking that was one of my better predictions. Easy come, easy go! If you can keep your kids’ names straight, Deacon, your memory is better than mine. But we should keep listening to Dafydd ab Hugh–whether that’s his real name or not (I’ve always assumed it is), he’s generally right.
One comment on the Israeli political scene: what is striking to me is how few seats the two “major” parties hold. The reality of Israeli politics is that most Knesset seats are held by various “splinter” parties of the left or right, secular or religious. The central lesson I would draw from this election is that Likud (the “right-wing” party of American editors’ rote recitation) now occupies the center of the landscape, flanked by a handful of moribund seats on the left, and a much larger number of fractious representatives on what can loosely be called the “right.”


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