Today Nelson Mandela and Jimmy

Today Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter both attacked President Bush. In a sense, this is a peak moment for the President–anyone who is despised by both the worst President of the 20th Century and the most overrated man of the 20th Century must be on the right track. As between Mandela, the Communist cop-killer, and Carter, the weak-kneed President and treasonous ex-President, there is little to choose. I guess I would say Carter is less contemptible, if only because his wife never burned anyone alive, with his apparent approval.
To expunge the unclean feeling caused by contemplating these two individuals, here is a nice photo of George Bush and Tony Blair. Some of you may rembember the picture we posted a few weeks ago of President Bush standing next to Mt. Rushmore, looking like the 5th enshrined President. And maybe I’m crazy, but I suspect that before he is finished, Tony Blair might a candidate for Mt. Rushmore as an honorary American hero. His original persona as a Clintonesque “third way” slickster is long gone.


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