Former Senator Bill Bradley shows

Former Senator Bill Bradley shows himself to be among President Bush’s most phlegmatic critics in this piece in the Washington Post. Bradley basically offers a compendium of the arguments for inaction that we’ve been attacking for months on Power Line. But note the dishonesty of Bradley’s parting shot: “International consensus. . .doesn’t fit a political calendar, but it is far preferable to unilateral action that jeopardizes our long-term leadership abroad and our unity at home.” Here, Bradley is suggesting that President Bush wants to attack Iraq within weeks, rather than waiting for “international consensus,” for political reasons. But Bush’s political interests would be better served by a war closer to the 2004 presidential elections than by a war in the winter of 2003. Bradley knows that Bush wants to attack this winter for military reasons, but he can’t resist taking a cheap shot at the president. Please remind me why anyone ever thought of Bradley as other than just a typical politician. It must have been his jump shot.


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