The Washington Post reports that

The Washington Post reports that the “emerging sports” that have been established at the intercollegiate level to enable colleges to comply with Title IX ” are a “mixed bag.” Post sports reporter Liz Clarke discusses the issue more candidly than any male sportswriter is likely to. She notes that some of these sports — archery, badminton, synchronized swimming, and team handball — have drawn virtually no interest, while others, such as intercollegiate women’s bowling, are struggling to find a niche. These “quirky” sports (to use Clarke’s term) are replacing hundreds of men’s wrestling programs, for example, that can no longer be maintained due to the current Title IX enforcement regime. And Clarke reports that female athletes can be victimized by Title IX too, as when colleges eschew traditional sports like softball and women’s soccer in favor of an equestrian program because such an “emerging sport” is conducive to larger team size.


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