Unlike its sports page, the

Unlike its sports page, the editorial page of the Washington Post is brimming with common sense today. Here, the Post makes “the case for action” against Iraq. As the Post puts it, “The removal of Saddam Hussein would advance the task of containing the spread of weapons of mass destruction to rogue states. It would also free millions of Iraqis from deprivation and oppression and make possible a broader movement to reshape the Arab Middle East. . . .”
The Post’s other editorial denounces the idea of a filibuster against the nomination of Miguel Estrada, President Bush’s nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Not only does the Post oppose such a filibuster, it takes the following elegant shot at the nature of the Democratic opposition to Estrada: “Having failed to assemble a plausible case against him, Democrats are now arguing that this failure is itself grounds for his rejection — because it stems from his own and the administration’s discourteous refusal to arm Democrats with examples of the extremism that would justify their opposition.” As the Post concludes, “this circular logic should not stall Mr. Estrada’s nomination any longer.”


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