“Hussein Emboldened by Antiwar Sentiment”

The Washington Post may be undergoing a transforming moment in the present crisis. It seems to have parted ways decisively with the deluded/treasonous left, best epitomized by the New York Times. Today’s article on Iraq, with the headline quoted above, begins:
“President Saddam Hussein’s government, apparently emboldened by antiwar sentiment at the U.N. Security Council and in worldwide street protests, has not followed through on its promises of increased cooperation with U.N. arms inspectors, according to inspectors in Iraq.”
As their organizers no doubt intended, worldwide “peace” demonstrations have caused Saddam and his henchmen to feel that “The world opinion is with us. We can resist further pressure. We have time. We can play with the U.S. and U.K.”
“Antiwar” demonstrations will not dissuade the leaders of the world’s responsible nations from doing their duty. But, as Donald Rumsfeld recently pointed out to the Europeans, by emboldening Saddam they make war more likely, and more likely to be bloody.


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