Regis Debray, adviser, editor — and Communist guerilla

Regis Debray is a former Communist guerilla who fought in Bolivia with Che Guevara to spread the good works of Fidel Castro to South America. He was captured in 1967 and sentenced by a Bolivian military tribunal to thirty years in prison. His 1967 book Revolution in the Revolution is considered a primer for guerilla insurrection. Thanks to the agitation of Communists and useful idiots like Jean Paul Sartre, Debray was released from his Bolivian incarceration after three years.
Two readers have separately directed us to Debray’s column in today’s New York Times, an utterly worthless piece of pseudo-sophisticated attitudinizing that fits George Will’s epithets below. The column is “French lesson.”
Our readers were not bothered as much by the column itself, although they didn’t like it any more than I do, as they were by the Times’ tag describing Debray: “R


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