Michelle Is Not Impressed

On March 1 the Immigration and Naturalization Service will cease to exist. The old INS will be divided into two branches, which may or may not make any difference. President Bush has nominated banker Eduardo Aguirre to head the Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, one of the two new organizations. Michelle Malkin is not impressed.
Ms. Malkin contacted an INS spokeswoman who assured her that “the banker’s management experience — 24 years at Bank of America, two years at the Export-Import Bank, and a stint as a University of Houston regent under then-Gov. George W. Bush — will ‘inspire loyalty.’ Moreover, she tells me, he’s a ‘can-do guy’ from the private sector who ‘won’t be heavy-handed, you know, won’t be firing people, not like on a control mission.'”
There is still no sign that the Administration intends to do anything serious about our country’s hemorrhaging borders.


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