Russia Stirs the Pot

Debka File reports that the Russians have entered the Iraq diplomatic picture with a proposal, devised by Putin and carried to Saddam last week by former Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov. Gerhard Schroeder took a one-day trip to Moscow on Wednesday; Debka says it was to confer with Putin about the Russian proposal.
Check out Debka’s article for details of the alleged plan; basically, there would be an internationally-supervised one year transition in which Saddam and his Baath party would leave power and elections would be arranged. Saddam would keep his wealth and would continue, despite some vague restrictions on his activities, to be a player in Iraq.
The plan is an obvious non-starter for the United States, but Debka says that “this diplomatic flurry has encouraged Saddam Hussein to believe he has between two and three weeks to play with before deciding which way to jump to survive.”


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