My favorite Democrat

Admittedly, the list of candidates is a short one. But on Thursday the Wall Street Journal published a terrific piece by Georgia Senator Zell Miller: “Mr. Moonves, call off your hillbilly hunt.” The piece made me reflect that I’ve liked everything I’ve read by and about Senator Miller.
I found more reasons to like him when I took a look at his incredible Web site: “Senator Zell Miller, Democrat, Georgia.” Let me number the reasons I like this guy.
First, Senator Miller features his support of the president’s proposed tax cut right from the git-go on his home page, with what appears to be trademark good humor: “Just as that first tax cut passed in 2001 with bipartisan support, I have no doubt the same will happen with this one. As the line in that old hymn says, when the roll is called up yonder on the President


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