In the country of country

In the country of country, it’s okay to love America. Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, and Charlie Daniels have given voice to a lot of us in expressing love of America in their music. Daryl Worley is the latest example of this phenomenon with his song “Have you forgotten?” This morning’s Washington Times has a terrific story on the song: “Hit country song bucks entertainment anti-war trend.”
UPDATE by Hindrocket: Well said, Trunk. And don’t forget the Dixie Chicks’ lovely Traveling Soldier, now rising to the top of the charts. This song may be the most sympathetic treatment of Vietnam and the young men who fought there that has appeared in the popular culture. It was a sweet moment, I thought, when the Chicks performed Traveling Soldier on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago. Thirty years too late, but sweet nonetheless.


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