More on the war

Our friends at RealClearPolitics have tracked down some outstanding columns on the war this morning. First is Michael Kelly’s, live from Kuwait: “Awaiting the beginning of a foregone conclusion.” Charles Krauthammer addresses the president: “Call the vote. Walk away.”
University of Toronto professor of political science Clifford Orwin not only demolishes the arguments advanced by the likes of Yasser Arafat’s fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner in the Times last Sunday, he consigns the proponents of these arguments to one of the rings of hell: “America is justified in striking first.” Senator John McCain says much the same in his own eloquent manner: “The right war for the right reasons.”
Ralph Peters devotes his New York Post column to the damage caused by what he refers to as the French “third farce”: “Dead Americans.”
Michael Barone looks at the big picture, viewing the war against Iraq in the context of America’s response to 9/11: “The next stage of war.”
And Tech Central Station has an excellent column by contributing editor Lee Harris. The column breaks the mold a little and is worth an extended look: “Our world-historical gamble.”
We also submit for your consideration two clear-sighted editorials: the Wall Street Journal’s “Bush in Lilliput” and the London Times’ “French disconnection.”


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