Coleman Piles On

A day or two ago–time drags slowly here on the tundra–the Trunk posted on a teapot tempest involving a Republican legislator who, in the course of advocating the repeal of Minnesota’s inclusion of homosexual and transgendered people in its Human Rights Act, expressed doubt about whether the Nazis persecuted homosexuals.
This would seem to be neither here nor there as far as the Human Rights Act is concerned, and as a bit of historical illiteracy it is, by today’s standards, de minimis. Nevertheless, Norm Coleman has jumped on the anti-Lindner bandwagon, callling on fellow Republicans to “reject” his “deplorable and historically inaccurate” remarks.
Meanwhile, the Democrats have lodged an ethics complaint against Lindner. It’s an interesting concept–if historical inaccuracy were an ethics violation, we could get ourselves a whole new Congress. Especially on the Democratic side.


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