The Latest, For What It’s Worth

At some point we may just stop posting updates on Iraq-related developments, until such time as those developments are military. For now, anyway, here is the latest on the diplomatic front. The New York Times says the Administration is “making more progress in gathering support” for a second U.N. resolution. However, a majority vote in the Security Council is “[not] in the bag.”
The London Times, on the other hand, reports that American and British efforts to assemble a majority are failing, “leaving war likely within days.”
Meanwhile, the British have been proposing a set of six “demands” to be fulfilled by Saddam Hussein; here they are. Presumably the demands are intended to be unacceptable to Saddam, the idea that his refusal can move wavering members to support the resolution. Most of the demands don’t seem especially tough. I guess the deal-breaker is “He will account for and destroy stocks of anthrax and other biological and chemical weapons.” I guess they’re safe on that one.


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