“Let’s go” –but not back to the UN

Charles Krauthammer anticipates victory and is thinking ahead to the next stage. His column today is addressed to the president: “Don’t go back to the UN.”
Bob Woodward and his Washington Post colleagues report that intelligence officials believe Saddam Hussein was in the compound that was struck Wednesday night: “US thinks Hussein, sons were in bunker.”
The Post’s ace military reporter Thomas Ricks provides an analysis of the military campaign as of last night: “Calibrated war makes comeback.”
The Washington Times’ ace military reporter Rowan Scarborough describes the opening operations as “Taking a risk by ‘playing with Saddam’s mind.'”
In the New York Post Ralph Peters characterizes the opening as “Revolutionary war.”
Back at the Washington Times, Bill Sammon and his colleague report that the strike against Saddam Hussein followed from President Bush’s laconic order: “Let’s go.” The story is “Bush OK’d hit at Saddam with ‘Let’s go.'”
I seem to recall that then-General Eisenhower ordered the D-Day operation to commence on June 6, 1944 in a similar manner: “Okay, we’ll go.”


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