Point taken, Trunk

When I described the status of the Afghans at Guantanamo Bay as “complicated,” I was giving Kinsley the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for taking the time to research the issue, so as to remove that doubt.
Rocket Man, I agree with you that the battle for hearts and minds that matters is the one that will be waged here at home. The important Democrats naturally aren’t saying much now. They are relying on the New York Times and liberal commentators to present what you aptly describe as their pathetic arguments. But, even though the Democrats don’t have their fingerprints on these arguments, unfair criticism of President Bush by a carping media this early in the war helps rally public support for the president. The constant repetition that you anticipate will only create more support, unless things truly go badly. In that regard, the liberal media will try to set the bar very high. However, I’m guessing that the public won’t buy it. The standard for success will probably be a decisive military victory this year and no subsequent debacle. Terrorist acts on our soil would more likely cause the public to rally behind Bush than to blame his decision to go to war. The “blame America first” approach is very bad politics in the current environment. In my view, the biggest political banana peel for this President Bush, as for the last one, is the economy.


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