“It’s Only a Flesh Wound”

This Associated Press report is titled: “Baghdad Goes Dark As Coalition Closes In.” The power is off in Baghdad, although it’s not entirely clear why. U.S. forces are closing in on Baghdad Airport and have the city skyline in view.
This hasn’t dented the bravado of Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf; at a press conference earlier today he said: “All this is to cover their disappointment and inability….They are not even 100 miles (away from Baghdad). They are not anywhere.” Al-Sahhaf said Republican Guard forces battled coalition troops in the area south of Kut and “taught them lessons, a catastrophe….We buried a lot of them today.”
When asked where Saddam is and why he has not been seen on television, Saleh laughed and said: “I think you have seen his picture….He is very calm, confident.”


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