The Iraqi who Saved Pfc. Lynch

Don’t miss this heartwarming story from tomorrow’s Washington Post–our best newspaper when it isn’t bashing Republicans–about the Iraqi lawyer who saved Private Jessica Lynch, at considerable risk to himself and his family. His wife worked at the hospital where Private Lynch was held; he went there to visit her and saw 40 or more Fedayeen and a group of security agents. He was told about the American prisoner:
“Inside the room with her was an imposing Iraqi man, clad all in black. Mohammed watched as the man slapped the American woman with his open palm, then again with the back of his hand. In that instant, Mohammed recalled today, he resolved to do something. After the man in black left, Mohammed sneaked in to see the young woman.
“‘Don’t worry, don’t worry,’ he told her. He was going for help.
“Mohamed said he decided to save the 19-year-old soldier because he could not bear to see her beaten in the hospital. ‘My heart is cut,’ he recalled of his reaction when he saw her. ‘I decided to go to the Americans and tell them about this story.’
Mohamed reported what he knew to American soldiers; for the next two days he and his wife worked with the Americans, as he visited the hospital repeatedly, scouted stairways and corridors, and drew maps.
Mohamed had to flee with his wife and his daughter; the Fedayeen ransacked his house the night that Pfc. Lynch was rescued. He and his family are now at a Marine base in the desert. “Mohammed has given up the life he knew to help a woman he met only briefly. He and his family came to this Marine base with nothing but the clothes they were wearing and a blanket. But Mohammed smiled broadly and happily talked about his role. He expressed no doubts about his decision. ‘She would not have lived,’ he said simply. ‘It was very important.’
We can imagine the warmth with which Mohamed and his family were welcomed by the Marines. They had little to offer but MRE’s; they asked Mohamed if there was anything else he wanted. He responded that he would love an American flag.
The most recent information is that Private Lynch was neither shot nor stabbed, which indicates, I suppose, that her multiple broken bones were the result of mistreatment at the hands of the Iraqis. It seems clear that but for Mohamed, she would now be dead.
For the moment, at least, that’s enough to restore my faith in humanity.


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