Saving Private Lynch

The guys at RealClearPolitics have directed us to tomorrow’s Newsweek cover story: “Jessica’s liberation.” Don’t miss this one.
Ralph Peters is incredibly hot in his New York Post column this morning: “Beyond Baghdad.” He warms up on a subject close to our hearts: “The Midtown edition of the Village Voice – also known as The New York Times – salivated at the prospect of an American defeat. Eat a big hunk of dead Iraqi crow, Times twits. And the next time GI Joe goes out to thrash one of your pet dictators, ask a military man what’s going down, instead of trusting the croissant commandos on your staff.” Lt. Col. (ret.) Peters deserves a special salute this morning.
And don’t miss Dore Gold’s New York Post column, an excerpt from his book Hatred’s Kingdom: “Reining in Riyadh.”


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