Iraqi Officials Nabbed

Hikmat Mizban Ibrahim al-Azzawi, Iraq’s former Finance Minister, has been arrested in Baghdad. He should be a major catch, as he presumably knows where Saddam stashed billions of dollars. American soldiers also found an astonishing cache of American cash–approximately $650 million–in a Baghdad neighborhood described as one “where Baath party and Republican Guard officials lived.” Which gives some idea of the immense amounts of money that were siphoned off by Saddam and his henchmen.
Also, a scientist named Emad Husayn Abdullah al-Ani, described as the mastermind of Iraq’s nerve agent program, has been apprehended.
And a terrorist named Khala Khader al-Salahat, a member of the Abu Nidal terrorist organization, surrendered yesterday in Baghdad.
So far the hunt for Saddam’s minions appears to be going well, and links between Saddam’s regime and various terrorist organizations are being demonstrated almost daily.


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