U.S. Plan to Bomb North Korea?

The Australian reports that “The Pentagon has produced detailed plans to bomb North Korea’s nuclear plant at Yongbyon if the communist rogue state goes ahead with reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods that would yield it enough plutonium for half a dozen nuclear weapons within six months.”
This report is attributed to “well-informed Canberra sources close to US thinking.” The “detailed plans” are attributed to “a hawkish faction within the Pentagon;” The Australian reassuringly adds that “the Bush administration has made no decision to accept the hawks’ view….Canberra sources close to US thinking believe it more likely that even if the regime were to proceed with its reprocessing plans, the US would reluctantly accept a nuclear-armed North Korea and bend all its efforts to preventing it from selling nuclear weapons, or the attendant technology, to outsiders.”
Hard to say whether this has any significance, but it sounds like a leak intended to add to the pressure on North Korea. It will be interesting to see whether similar speculation starts turning up in other news outlets.


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