This Guy Runs as a Republican

Here is the Missing Linc, Rhode Island’s own Lincoln Chafee, on why he opposes the Administration’s tax cut proposal:
“CNN: The White House suggests that if you have a bigger tax cut, you can have a greater opportunity to create more jobs in this country. Why do you disagree with that position?
“Chafee: Well, fundamentally, in the beginning of the ’90s, when President Clinton came in, despite all the criticism he got, he did raise revenues, he did address the revenue side of our budget and the economy took off.
“And then when this administration came in, they had big tax cuts in the spring 2000 and the economy has been faltering, I don’t buy the argument that these tax cuts are going to stimulate the economy.”
A Senator who thinks that increasing taxes is good for the economy may or may not be a fool (I think he is), but he certainly is not a Republican. This illustrates why the Republicans do not really control the Senate, notwithstanding their bare majority.


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