Iraq-Al Qaeda Link Proved

Documents discovered by The Telegraph in the bombed-out headquarters of Iraq’s intelligence service appear to definitively prove the link between Saddam’s regime and al Qaeda. The documents show that Iraq invited an al Qaeda envoy to Baghdad in 1998 to establish a relationship and explore means of cooperation. The meeting went so well that it was extended for a week and resulted in an invitation being extended to bin Laden.
Here is what I don’t understand: The Telegraph “found the file on bin Laden inside a folder lying in the rubble of one of the rooms of the destroyed intelligence HQ.” This isn’t the first sensational discovery made by the Telegraph. Are reporters just rooting around in the former Iraqi intelligence headquarters? Shouldn’t we secure buildings like this and systematically inventory their contents? This kind of discovery seems very odd.
UPDATE: This Telegraph article explains how the reporter got in and indicates that the building is guarded, at least. Still seems odd to me.


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