Little Change in Palestinian Authority Foreseen

The appointment of Abu Mazen as Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority has received a lot of publicity, some of it optimistic, but Haaretz reports that in Israel, little change is expected:
“Military Intelligence told the political echelon at the beginning of the week that the new Palestinian government headed by Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has no intention of uprooting the terrorist infrastructure.”
Haaretz also anticipates that the states and other organizations that support Palestinian terror will be exerting strong pressure for more violence:
“As far as the terror organizations are concerned, the coming months will be an all-out race. After the defeat in Iraq and the total lack of violent resistance to the American powers in Iraq, the main focus returns to Israel and the territories. For the elements that direct the Palestinian terror from outside the territories – Syria, Hezbollah and especially Iran – there is enormous importance to a renewal of the terror against Israel now, especially in light of Tehran’s fears that Damascus might concede to American pressure and limit activity of the terror organizations in Damascus.”


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