What is Abu Mazen prepared to do?

Here is the Washington Post’s report on the Israeli raid of a Hamas stsronghold in the Gaza Strip. The Israelis killed Yousef Abu Hein, described by the Post as a “top Hamas bombmaker.” Nine other Palestinians were killed, apparently including innocent bystanders, as typically happens when the U.S. or Israel attacks a terrorist stronghold. Eight Israeli soldiers were wounded, one of whom is in critical condition.
My question is whether Abu Mazen prepared to undertake this sort of raid. The question matters because it is through incursions such as this that Israel protects itself from terrorism. Recall last year’s attacks on terrorist bases on the West Bank. The Israeli’s knew exactly where to go when they entered a particular area, and if they knew, then clearly the Palestinian Authority knew. Yet the P.A. had, putting it charitably, allowed the terrorists bases to thrive. It is only because of Israel’s aggressive military action against these bases and the individuals who operate from them that bombings in Israel have declined sharply.
So what is Abu Mazen prepared to do? Will he act aggressively against Hamas bombmakers like Yousef Abu Hein? Or will he rely on a sudden surge of human kindness on their part? Or will he rely on the fact that three out of the four sponsors of the “roadmap to peace” — the EU, the U.N. and Russia — don’t care whether terrorism against Israel diminishes, or even whether Israel continues to exist?


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