“Vintage”? More Like Ready for the Dump

I think this is an example of the foolish negativity that Jonathan Foreman was talking about in the Weekly Standard article I linked to yesterday. It is a photo news item from Reuters. Here it is, in its entirety:
“Thieves known as ‘Ali Babas’ run towards one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces as another one uses a forklift to steal a vintage Mercedes convertible in Baghdad May 4, 2003. Iraqi police made their return in the streets Sunday under U.S. forces supervision trying to restore law and order in the capital.”
Yup, the looting continues. No law and order in Baghdad. No man’s Mercedes is safe; the thieves are so bold they’ll make off with your vintage automobile with a forklift.
But wait–here is the photo that accompanies the story:
That isn’t a “vintage Mercedes convertible,” it’s an eyesore that’s being hauled off to the dump. It appears to me that in addition to restoring police protection, we’ve got solid waste disposal up and running too.


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