Some harsh truths from Hugh Hewitt

The attacks on U.S. interests in Saudi Arabia cause Hugh Hewitt to remind us of some harsh truths about the war on terrorism: The radical Islamic terrorists pose an ongoing menace to our country, both abroad and at home, and those who want to declare victory and change the subject do us a great disservice.
On another matter, judicial appointments, Hugh predicts that before long Vice President Cheney, as chair of the Senate, will rule that a majority can change the Senate rules, leading to a breakthrough for the Republicans, over the screams of the Democrats. I hope he is correct that Republicans will implement this “nuclear strategy.” However, in the Washington Times, the normally combative conservative legal scholar Bruce Fein calls for a compromise strategy under which President Bush would agree to fill 10 to 20 percent of the next 50 judicial vacancies with Clinton nominees who failed to obtain a Senate vote. Personally, I see no reason to reward the Democrats with this sort of deal (assuming that their activitist overseers would allow them to accept it). However, I would not be surprised if the Republicans end up trying to compromise their way out of this dispute.