Year of the blues

We’re a little late getting to this story, but it’s good news, so what the heck. In September 2002 the Senate passed a resolution proclaiming the year beginning February 1, 2003, “Year of the Blues.” I believe that passage of the resolution was led by then-Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson and now-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Here is the text of the resolution proclaiming 2003 the year of the blues, with relevant links (including a link to the Official Year of the Blues Web site.) The first Year of the Blues event is the W.C. Handy Blues Award Weekend in Memphis that began yesterday.
Thanks to Miss Sara Oxton of Minneapolis radio station KFAI and her terrific Thursday morning rhythm-and-blues show Rock House (co-hosted with Brother Tad Selzer) for bringing news of the Proclamation to my attention. (Click on the Rock House “most recent show” in the linked KFAI audio archive to listen to her show this morning.) Miss Sara calls her audience the “residents” of the Rock House, and as the only Republican resident I called to thank her for crediting Senator Frist for his role in the passage of the Senate resoluton after she read the text of the Proclamation this morning. In the 25-year history of KFAI, these may be the first kind words ever uttered on-air at KFAI about a Republican officeholder.


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