Death wish

As it does with all manner of left-wing nuts and nuttiness, the Minneapolis Star Tribune takes Nonviolent Peaceforce straight. What is Nonviolent Peaceforce? A group devoted to nonviolent conflict resolution that is raising money by selling worthless “peace bonds” on the promise of sending its members into “war zones to protect local activists, search for peaceful solutions, document human rights abuses or monitor the conflicts.” The group’s novelty is that it plans to pay its members a stipend of $800 a month through the sale of these “peace bonds” (f/k/a “contributions”).
The group plans to place members in Sri Lanka, North Korea, Burma and Israel. According to the head of the organization, “We’re not going there to create martyrs. But we’re soberly aware that some of us might die.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, the article does not elaborate on any of the group’s proposed “peaceful solutions” to the areas of conflict in which it seeks to place its members.
The article in the May 27 Star Tribune is “St. Paul group seeks to end violence, one peace at a time.” And the Star Tribune’s online version of the story helpfully includes a link to the site where “you can buy the peace bonds.”


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