Expanding the Northern Alliance?

Professor King Banian is the leader of the intrepid spirts manning the fort at SCSU Scholars. Professor Bananian has kindly expressed his best birthday wishes to Power Line and protested his exclusion from the Northern Alliance of Blogs over which Commissioner Hugh Hewitt presides. We are pressing the case for expansion to include SCSU Scholars as well as Mitch Berg’s Shot in the Dark. Since the guys at Fraters Libertas petitioned Governor Pawlenty to dethrone Hugh as Minnesota’s Commissioner of Hockey, I am not sure that Commissioner Hewitt has been discharging his multifarious leadership responsibilities with his accustomed good humor, but we shall see.
UPDATE: Good news. On-air tonight Commissioner Hewitt granted our petition to expand the alliance to include SCSU Scholars and Shot in the Dark. However, he is mulling over the possible expulsion of Fraters Libertas from the alliance for posting a doctorted photo of him balanced precariously on a surfboard:
The magnanimous commissioner appears to have forgiven the Fraters guys for seeking to have him deposed as Minnesota’s commissioner of hockey, and we trust he will forgive them for their irreverent depiction of him as well.


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