“Protesters” Terrorize Lausanne

The photo below shows masked “protesters” who have barricaded a street and set a dumpster on fire in Lausanne, which is across Lake Geneva from Evian, where the global economic summit is in progress.
The accompanying Reuters story says: “Anti-G8 demonstrators block a street with a burning container in downtown Lausanne during a protest march in the Swiss city….Demonstrators, many wearing balaclavas and masks, marched through Lausanne smashing shop windows and looting two gasoline stations.”
Two observations: First, these aren’t protesters, they are criminals at best and terrorists at worst. One of the worst legacies of the 60’s is the willingness of many, especially in the press, to condone crime in the guise of “protest.” Second, I haven’t been to Switzerland for a while, but last I knew, they had policemen who were both plentiful and effective. Where are they now?
UPDATE: Here is a photo of thousands of “anti-globalization” protesters marching in Switzerland. Note, however, the hammer and sickle symbols that are prominently displayed, and the reference to “socialism” on the banner. They suggest the real political agenda of the “anti-globalists.”
And this one is kind of funny, I assume unintentionally so. It indicates the nihilistic depth to which international leftism has fallen. “Overthrow Capitalism…Replace It With Something.”


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