Did Someone Say “Apocalypse?”

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune contains a review of a show titled “Naked Boys Singing”. The reviewer writes:
“Imagine this, if you dare: The majestic Hallelujah Chorus, each phrase a different euphemism for the male copulatory organ. If that image makes you think: ‘They’d better give each ticket-buyer a hand-basket, because this is the road to hell,’ then ‘Naked Boys Singing,’ which opened at the Loring Playhouse over the weekend, is probably not for you.
“But if the idea of watching eight cheerful lads flippantly flinging a phalanx of phalluses makes you giggly, or giddy, or downright dizzy, then ‘Naked Boys Singing’ may be the most gleefully naughty show ever staged in the Twin Cities.”
One thing I’ve never understood is the conventional wisdom that political correctness consists of never wanting to offend anyone. Actually, liberals delight in offending people. Their only concern is that the right people be offended.


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