Speeches…with a concluding unscientific postscript

Mrs. Trunk has forwarded links to the transcripts of the respective speeches made this morning by President Bush, by Prime Minister Sharon, and by Daddy Mazen in Jordan regarding a forthcoming Palestinian state.
The transcripts are as posted by Benajamin Jolkovsky of the Jewish World Review site. Jolkovsky prefaced the links with the following comment: “As part of our going the extra mile, JWR is reproducing the speeches in full sans any ‘spin’ that you will inevitably hear on the radio or watch on TV. JWR does not hide its position on this issue and we hope our readers will take a minute – even a few words — to please let the President know how YOU feel. E-mail links are included in each transcript. In gratitude and friendship — and with prayers for the Ultimate Salvation.”
Coincidentally, the Middle East Forum has just posted a fitting commentary, in the form of a summary of a speech by Victor Davis Hanson on what the ancient Greeks have to teach us about the situation before us: “The current crisis through the eyes of the Greeks.”


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