Guardian Apologizes Again

The Guardian took a beating in the blogosphere, including Power Line, for its grotesquely inaccurate claim that Paul Wolfowitz told an Asian audience that “oil” was the motivation for the war in Iraq. Today the Guardian apologized again, for the second time in twenty-four hours, and acknowledged that its story was wrong. As I noted earlier this morning, the Guardian had already deleted the Wolfowitz story from its website.
One wonders whether the left-wingers at the Guardian are abashed at repeatedly being caught in lies and distortions, and being forced to retract and apologize. Do the people who run the Guardian consider themselves to be newspeople, or are they merely propagandists whose only regret is that they were caught? The same question can be asked about the New York Times. If there are any people of good faith left at the Guardian or the Times, they must be dismayed that their papers’ hysterically left-wing positions have repeatedly led them into embarrassing fabrications.
By the way, watch for the Minneapolis Star Tribune to reprint the Guardian’s now-retracted Wolfowitz story tomorrow.


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