Another One Bites the Dust

The “looting” of the Baghdad Museum was one of the first big negative stories about the Iraq war. The claim that thieves had made off with all or substantially all of the museum’s 170,000 objects was the subject of worldwide headlines and countless hysterical denunciations.
The story has been getting steadily debunked, as it has turned out that relatively few of the museum’s pieces are actually missing. The coup de grace apparently was delivered within the past week, as Reuters reports: “Missing Iraqi Antiquities Found in Secret Vault”.
“Almost all of the priceless items feared stolen from the Baghdad Museum when it was ransacked by looters have been found safe in a secret vault, the U.S.-led administration for Iraq said on Saturday. Earlier this week, 179 boxes that contained the vast majority of the museum’s exhibition collection were discovered safe in a secret vault….The discovery of these boxes containing nearly 8,000 of the most important items from the museum’s collection means that the work of the investigation team is drawing to a close.”
Approximately 3,000 items, of which 47 are deemed significant, are still unaccounted for; most will no doubt turn up.
Anyone want to bet that the “no weapons of mass destruction” story will meet a similar fate?


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