Home Again

I’m back home after a week in San Francisco. Internet access was very limited and I wasn’t able to do any blogging to speak of, but Deacon and the Trunk were busy and probably no one noticed my absence. That’s one of the virtues of a group blog.
It’s true what they say about the bum problem in San Francisco, but it’s still a heck of a city–as good a destination as any for business travel. And there is a “homeland security” innovation. For some months I’ve felt smug about the fact that my Allen Edmonds shoes contain no metal, so I don’t have to remove them to go through the metal detectors at airports. Taking your shoes off and walking around in stocking feet is the most humiliating part of the routine for those not designated for “secondary screening.” Anyway, starting apparently last week, airports are now making travelers run their shoes through the X-ray machine whether they set off the metal detector or not. The reason: the metal detector can’t detect plastic explosives; the X-ray ostensibly can. So I’ll be shoeless from now on after all.


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