Meet the good Joe and Hadassah

Today’s Boston Globe has a brief notice headlined “People of the Nextbook” about the online magazine, “a newly launched online digest of Jewish-themed cultural news and reviews.”
Among several interesting items on the site’s home page is one on “Joseph Lieberman, a teacher at a Brooklyn yeshiva and author (with his wife, Hadassah) of the self-published screed Joseph Lieberman Is a Pious Liberal and Other Observations. ‘My name and my wife’s name are what they are, because God wants me, a conservative Republican, to take on the liberal Democrat publicly.’ A spokesman for the better-known Lieberman, who co-authored the 2000 campaign diary An Amazing Adventure with his wife, Hadassah, said that ‘Joe and Hadassah are going to have to agree to disagree with Joe and Hadassah.'”
The item links to a New York Times story, “This Joseph Lieberman likes Limbaugh. Really”, and a New York Sun story, “Not just another guy named Joe.”


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