The day after

Two of the best columns on Gratz and Grutter the day after the decisions are Peter Kirsanow’s “The abominable snow job” and George Will’s “Race grows increasingly irrelevant.”. The guys at RealClearPolitics have posted the Los Angeles Times news story on the fallout: “State finds itself hemmed in.”
In yesterday’s CIR press release (quoted below in “In search of a silver lining”), the CIR reminded us of its then-momentous victory over the University of Texas Law School in the Hopwood case. Buried in the Times story is news of the fallout at the University of Texas: “Adding to California’s isolation among prestigious universities is another major public university system’s intention, after dropping race as a consideration, to move swiftly to restore its use in admissions. The development puts ‘the state of Texas on the same basis as the rest of the country with respect to federal law and gives us latitude…to consider race in our admission decisions,’ said Larry R. Faulkner, president of the University of Texas at Austin. ‘And I believe we will rejoin most of the country on that in the course of the next admissions cycle.'”


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