Oops. Never Mind.

More evidence on Iraq’s WMD programs has been released by the Administration. Recent discoveries include “millions of documents” relating to Saddam’s WMD programs, some of which describe “how to hide materials and deceive U.N. weapons inspectors,” while others “related to the concealment of VX nerve gas.” American troops have also found “plans for a gas centrifuge and components of a uranium enrichment system” hidden in an Iraqi scientist’s back yard, and “300 sacks of castor beans, which are used to make the deadly biological agent ricin, hidden in a warehouse in the town of al-Aziziyah [and] inaccurately labeled as fertilizer.”
My guess is that this is only the beginning. I think the Administration now believes the Democrats are far out enough on the “missing WMD” limb so that it is time to start sawing the limb off behind them. I predict that more revelations will be forthcoming on nearly a daily basis. One can only wonder: whatever were the Democrats thinking, imagining that they could hitch their political fortunes to the idea that Saddam Hussein was innocent? It is as though a major political party chose Holocaust denial as its platform in hopes that evidence would somehow fail to materialize. The Democrats need to go back to square one and reconsider why they exist as a party.
UPDATE: Here is more on the Iraqi scientist who turned over components for a gas centrifuge which he had been hiding since 1991. Based on his information, it appears that Iraq was about three years away from having a nuclear weapon.


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