Celebrating racial discrimination

The New York Times reports that President Bush’s chief legal counsel appeared before the convention of Hispanic officeholders to laud the Supreme Court’s constitutionalization of politically correct racial discrimination in the Court’s Grutter decision of this past Monday: “Administration lawyer lauds affirmative action ruling.”
To follow up on Rocket Man’s point below, we will know that President Bush is not serious about his previously stated views on the kind of judges he wished to nominate to the Supreme Court — let alone about his being a conservative — if he nominates Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court. The one and only good thing about Gonzales’ speech as reported in the Times is that, unlike David Souter at the time that Bush 41 nominated him, Gonzales cannot now be held out as a would-be conservative judge.
HINDROCKET adds: True enough, Trunk. But the bad news goes farther than that. Don’t you think that any Supreme Court nominee from this point on will be required to swear fealty to both Grutter and Lawrence? Anyone who fails to do so will be branded an extremist and his nomination will be blocked. So a belief that the 14th Amendment means what it says will now disqualify a nominee from the Federal bench. I think this is one of the reasons why the liberals are delirious with glee.


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