More from Senator Dayton

I apparently missed a few quotes of interest from Senator Dayton’s press conference in Iraq, reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune this morning. Senator Dayton was quoted in the version of the article posted online last night (now paraphrased and refined by the Star Tribune in the dead tree version!) as observing, “The contrast between these oil fields, which are just 15 minutes away, and the total poverty of the people living in that region, was just unbelievable. They’re now waiting up to nine hours in line to get gasoline for their vehicles, which is pretty absurd when you have all of this oil 15 minutes away.”
Joshua Sharf of View from a Height has thoughtfully forwarded the other quotes from Senator Dayton that I missed:
“It’s pretty abdurd, all those people in Yemen having to stand in line for water, when there’s a whole ocean 15 minutes away.”
“It’s pretty absurd, that store in Kansas having to truck in bread, when there’s all this wheat 15 minutes away.”
“It’s pretty absurd, nobody in Congo with a working drill press, with all those diamonds 15 minutes away.”
“Why do they need another power plant in Alaska? It’s light half the year, and they ought to be able to save it up for winter.”


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