Islamofascism: A Pure Distillation of Evil

There is not much point in comparing the evils of different eras. But it is fair to say that Islamofascism is as pure and contemptible a strain of evil as has ever appeared in human history. The photo below is of the scene of carnage at a music festival in suburban Moscow after two female Islamofascist murderers exploded bombs in the crowd of innocent party-goers. Some other photos available online were too sickening to post.
In a village in Pakistan, Muslim gunmen broke into the home of a Catholic priest, Father George Ibrahim in Ranala Kot, and murdered him. The Christian woman below holds a picture of the murdered priest.
The Islamofascists’ tactics are so appalling that any sane person recoils from them in horror. Much was made of the supposed “shock and awe” campaign that was carried out by the U.S. in Iraq. But the real “shock and awe” campaign is the one being perpetrated by the Muslim terrorists. Their goal is to horrify and ultimately terrify free people so that they will stop resisting the advance of Islam. We are meant to be demoralized by the number of Muslims who are willing to blow themselves up in order to kill us. How can we overcome an enemy so fanatical? That is the question the Islamofascists want us to ask.
What is currently happening in Iraq, while in some respects unique because of the desperation of surviving Baathist elements, is in other ways of a piece with what is going on throughout the Muslim world. The terrorists’ strategy is to display enough fanaticism–enough pure evil–that our horror turns to defeatism. They must be encouraged by the fact that this is already beginning to happen, as the frequent hysteria of the American press shows.
The most critical battle in the coming months will be fought not in the Middle East or in Asia; the battlefield will be the American people. Many will be tempted to allow their horror at Muslim outrages to lead to abandonment of the effort to defeat the Islamofascists. It is vitally important that, on the contrary, the American people react to each new outrage, whether on our soil or others’, with a redoubled determination to exterminate Islamofascism and its adherents from the earth. Never in human history has a mission been more urgent.


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