A tribute to the Metrodome

The Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings both play in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. Rocket Man had a hand in litigation related to the birth of the stadium, defending the issuance of the bonds (if I remember correctly) that frugally funded its construction.
The stadium is an unsightly, uncomfortable, and uncongenial place to watch or (so players say) play baseball; it was designed primarily with football in mind. Today’s Wall Street Journal runs a clever column by local writer Burl Gilyard that praises the Dome on the high ground from which it can be defended, the ground of fiscal prudence: “A Minnesota riddle.”
HINDROCKET adds: Yeah, I did have a hand in getting the Metrodome built, for better or worse. The only thing I would add to your comments, Trunk, is that it sucks for football too.


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